Tumbling Classes

Royal Twist Cheer & Tumbling program is here to teach kids how to tumble safely and with proper technique centos 5 5! Royals tumbling classes teach kids the basics all the way through advanced tumbling. We believe that through reinforcing safe habits, teaching valuable strength training and our hands on spotting techniques, we can maximize any child’s potential and prepare them for other sports We offer several types of classes, find the one that is perfect for your child by signing up for a trial today Download oricon chart!


MEMBERSHIP FEE: $40 annual membership fee due at the time of sign up 파이어폭스 standalone.


3:30PM-4:00PM Tumbling Tot’s (Ages 3-4)
4:00PM-4:55PM Beginning Tumbling (Ages 5-8pm)
5:00PM-5:55PM Level 1 (Evaluation is required)
5:30PM-6:25PM Level 2 (Evaluation is required)

4:00PM-4:55PM Beginning Tumbling (Ages 5-8pm)

4:00PM-4:55PM Level 3 or 4 (Evaluation is required)

5:00PM-5:55PM Level 1 (Evaluation is required)

5:30PM-6:25PM Level 2 (Evaluation is required)

3:30PM-4:00PM Tumbling Tot’s (Ages 3-4) 
4:00PM-4:55PM Level 2 (Evaluation is required)
4:30PM-5:25PM Beginning Tumbling (Ages 5-8)
4:00PM-4:55PM Beginning Tumbling (Ages 5-8pm)
5:00PM-5:55PM Level 1 (Evaluation is required)
6:00PM-6:25PM Level 2 (Evaluation is required)
7:00PM-7:25PM Level 3 (Evaluation is required)
3:30PM-4:25PM Level 1 (Evaluation is required)
4:00-4:55PM Level 3 or 4 (Evaluation is required)
5:00-5:55PM Level 2 (Evaluation is required)


9:00AM-9:30AM Tumble Tot’s
9:30AM-10:25AM Beginning Tumbling (Ages 5-8pm)


(Closed for the following Holiday Days: October 31st, November 28th-December 1st, December 23rd-January 5th,
and Spring Break for DVUSD.)

Tumbling Tots

Class Objective:

Preschool gymnastics for ages 3-4 years of age 모바일 화이트데이 다운로드. Develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, muscle memory, and body control. Focus: Basic motor skills and coordination, forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels 솔라리스 jdk.


Class Schedule:

Mondays 3:30pm-4:00pm
Wednesday: 3:30pm-4:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am-9:30am

Call if you would be interested in Fridays: 4:00pm-5:00pm

Pricing Options:

Month-to-month options available. Receive 4 (30 minute) classes per month for $45.00/month. Auto-renewal.

If they would like to come two times per week for one month, it would be $67.50, or they can join unlimited for $87.50/month.

Must call to register! 

Going on vacations this summer?  We will pro-rate tuition provided we are notified in advance so you don’t pay for lessons not used.

Our make up policy for lessons missed?  Your athlete can do a make up in any similar class that is not full.

Beginning – Level 5 Tumbling


Class Objectives: 

Beginning tumbling: Increase flexibility, upper body strength, and overall coordination to prepare for Level 1 Focus – Forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, bridge kick over, cartwheels (No experience necessary). 

Level 1: Reinforcing beginning tumbling objectives while learning round off, front walkover, back walkover, back handspring on boulder to help prepare for level 2. Call to schedule your evaluation. 

Level 2: Reinforcing level 1 tumbling objectives while learning and perfecting the back handspring and back handspring series Focus –standing back handsprings, roundoff back handspring, RO back handspring series, front handspring. Call to schedule your evaluation.

Level 3: Perfecting the back handspring and back handspring series roundoff back handspring tuck, roundoff tuck, standing back handspring series, front tuck, aerial. Call to schedule your evaluation. 

Level 4-5: Advanced tumbling skills such as layouts, whips, standing tucks, fulls. 


Tuition For Beginning through Level 5 Tumbling: 

All sessions are 8 weeks long. The new session will begin November 18th, and will end January 25th (as we are closed December 23rd — January 5th).

You are free to join at anytime, and we will prorate the session for you.

Monthly tuition:
For one class per week: $88/mo 
Two times per week: $160/mo


Annual Membership fee: $40.00/year (January — December)


If you would like to sign up for additional classes, you can receive 16 classes (2x’s a week) for 8 weeks at $220, or
join unlimited for 8 weeks for $279.
Must call to register! 

Please download the following files and turn into the Front Desk
prior to tryouts:

All new clients please print the following file along with the tryout consent form: